High End Security Solutions


The 'VUCA' world throws up unprecedented threats each day for the Nation, Law-Enforcement and Intel organisations. We offer unique combinations of analytical methods and innate understanding of intelligence gathering with special emphasis on technology. Our solutions safeguard your physical and virtual infrastructure. Our cutting-edge offerings on High End Security Solutions and related fields are as follows-

  • Executive Protection - Physical protection, first response with trained man power in medium risk and high risk environment
  • Travel Facilitation - Logistical support and assistance in low risk environment
  • Event Security - Physical protection, access control and security management of an event
  • Security Surveys, Audits and Testing - Specific locations (residence, plant, commercial establishment) or at organizational level to secure assets, personnel and knowledge database
  • Security Solutions - The complete gamut of security consulting services from scenario building and threat assessment, to solutions, implementation and testing


  • Multinational Corporation
  • Energy and Mining
  • Hospitality
  • Ports and Shipping
  • Aviation
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Law Enforcement

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